Yasmin is an oral contraceptive pill. Oral contraceptive pills are medications that are used for family planning and prevention of pregnancy. Yasmin is also prescribed for hormone replacement therapy in women. It is a combination pill containing two active components. These are ethinyl estradiol an estrogen and drospirenone a progestin. Yasmin is available to order online without a prescription from our partner pharmacy in UK.

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How to buy Yasmin online in the UK?

Yasmin is an effective contraceptive pill and is also one of the most popular medications among all combined oral contraceptive pills in the UK. It can be prescribed from our partner sites. This goes a long way for today’s woman. The demands of life may limit the time available to see a GP. Online purchase comes to the rescue ensuring a steady supply of the pills and hence effective contraception. Yasmin is a prescription only drug. The steps for online purchase of Yasmin are outlined below.

  • Choose your desired pack
  • Log in to our partner online pharmacy site and begin your free online consultation.
  • The doctor reviews the information given and a diagnosis is made. He decides whether the medication will be safe for you. The doctor’s evaluation and decision is delivered to you via email.
  • Once the safety of the medication is verified, the doctor issues a prescription and a free delivery is made.

How does the medication work?

Yasmin effects its contraceptive action through various mechanisms. The estrogen component inhibits ovulation. If the egg is not released, there will be nothing for the sperm to fertilize. The pill also causes thickening of the cervical mucus plug. This impairs movement of the sperm into the uterine cavity. It also causes thinning of the inner lining of the uterus. This makes an unfavorable environment for implantation of any fertilized egg.

What are the benefits?

As a combination pill, Yasmin has an advantage over pills that contain estrogen or progesterone only. Estrogen containing pills are associated retention of sodium in the body. This results in water retention, hypertension and weight gain. In Yasmin, the adverse effects of estrogen are countered by the drospirenone component. As mentioned earlier, drospinerone is similar in function to spirinolactone. Spirinolactone is a drug that increases loss of water from the body by increasing the flow of urine. Drospirenone also increases the renal loss of sodium ions. As such, Yasmin is a favorable option for contraception in overweight women.

Who can take it?

Yasmin can be used safely in post pubertal females of any age group.

Who cannot take it?

  • If you are pregnant, use of Yasmin is contraindicated.
  • It is not recommended during breastfeeding. Estrogen containing medication interferes with breast milk production and an alternative contraception method should be utilized.
  • Yasmin is broken down in the liver and excreted from the body through urine and feaces. It is therefore not recommended for use in patients with liver and kidney disease.
  • Yasmin increases the risk of thromboembolism. This is a condition in which blood clots form in the deep veins of the lower limbs. The clots can become dislodged and get carried to the heart and lungs often with fatal outcomes. Use of Yasmin is an absolute no no in patients with prior thromboembolic disease. It is also contraindicated in patients who have blood clotting abnormalities.
  • Breast, ovarian and uterine cancers are estrogen sensitive tumors. In the presence of estrogen, the rate of growth is accelerated when these tumors are exposed to estrogen in growth. Yasmin should be avoided in patients with or suspected of having these tumors.
  • Other medical conditions in which Yasmin is best avoided are pancreatitis, migraines, liver tumors, coronary artery disease and stroke.
  • Concurrent use of Yasmin and other medications such as HIV anti retrovirals and atovorstatin can result in adverse drug interactions. If a woman is on these medications, it is essential to consult a physician before using Yasmin.

Side effects of Yasmin?

Untoward effects associated with Yasmin include;

  • Allergic reactions that are experienced as rash, facial swelling and difficulty breathing.
  • Symptoms of depression.
  • Change in pattern of migraines.
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle.

How do you take it?

Yasmin is available in a 28 pill pack. 21 of the pills are hormone containing and are yellow in color. The other seven are white in color and are filler pills. It is taken orally. Prescription instructions are based on the first day start or Sunday start.

In the first day start, you need to take the first yellow pill on the first day of her menstrual cycle. One yellow tablet is taken consecutively for 21 days. The white tablets are taken from day 22 to 28. The pill should be taken at the same time each day without fail if possible. It is preferably taken after the evening meal. In the Sunday start prescription, a woman is instructed to take the first pill on the first Sunday after onset of her menses. She takes one yellow pill daily for 21 consecutive days followed by the white pills on day 22 to 28.

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