Ovranette is a combined oral contraceptive pill that prevents the user from getting pregnant. It contains two hormones, an estrogen and a progestogen. Both of these hormones work in synergy to prevent pregnancy.

Ovranette is commercially available as a 21 pill packet. A pill is taken consecutively for 21 days. This is followed by a 7 day pill free break. It is available to order online without a prescription from our partner pharmacy in UK.

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How does Ovranette work?

Ovranette delivers its contraceptive function via two ways.

  • It thickens the cervical mucus plug. This decreases the chance of sperm penetrating and gaining access to the uterine cavity.
  • It also prevents release of an egg during ovulation.

Benefits of Ovranette:

  • It is a very effective contraception when used appropriately.
  • It is also prescribed for women who experience heavy and painful menses. It makes the periods lighter, regular and less painful.
  • It does not interfere with the libido and therefore has no adverse effect on user’s sex life.
  • It helps alleviate premenstrual symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating and mood swings.
  • It reduces the risk of getting ovarian and uterine cancers.

Who can take it?

Ovranette is safe for use among the female adult population.

Who cannot take it?

The use of Ovranette is best avoided in some situations. Women with the following medical conditions should avoid Ovranette all together or use it with caution while under a doctor’s watchful eye:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you have a cancer that is hormone responsive. This are cancers whose rate of growth accelerate in the presence of hormones. Examples are breast, ovarian and uterine cancers.
  • If you have unexplained vaginal bleeding.
  • If you have endometrial hyperplasia. This is thickening of the inner lining of the uterus.
  • If you are at risk of developing deep venous thrombosis.
  • If you have systemic lupus erythromatosus (SLE).
  • If you have elevated fats in blood.
  • If you are allergic to any of the components of Ovranette.

Side effects of Ovranette:

Like all medications, the use of Ovranette may be associated with some untoward effects. However, not all women who use Ovranette experience the side effects.

  • The use of Ovranette increases the risk of developing blood clots in the deep veins of the legs. This can result in pulmonary embolism.
  • There is increased risk of getting a heart attack or stroke.
  • There is a slight risk of developing breast or cervical cancer. Regular breast exams and cervical smears are recommended for any patient who is on Ovranette.
  • Severe allergic reactions which are characterized by itching, facial swelling and difficulty breathing.

How to take Ovranette?

Ovranette is available in strips that contain 21 pills. Each pill is marked with a day of the week. On day one, start with that is marked with the corresponding day of the week. The strips have arrows that guide the user on the direction in which to take the pills. A pill should be swallowed each day at the same time without fail. This is done for 21 consecutive days. It should be swallowed whole with the aid of a glass of water if necessary. A seven day break commences once a strip is exhausted. The use of the next strip should begin after exactly seven days. A woman is still protected from pregnancy during the break and there is no need for extra contraception measures.

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