NuvaRing is a combined hormonal contraceptive that is available in the form of vaginal rings. It is composed of two female hormones namely estonogel and ethinylestradiol. These hormones are present in low quantities and hence its referral as a low dose contraceptive. These hormones impair release of the egg from the ovaries. On average, the ring measure 54 mm in diameter and has a 4 mm wide rim. It efficacy is similar to that of daily oral contraceptive pills. Nuvaring is available to order online without a prescription from our partner pharmacy in UK.

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How to buy NuvaRing online in the UK?

Now you can buy NuvaRing online safely from the comfort of your home or office. The steps are simple and outlined below.

  • Choose your desired pack.
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How does NuvaRing work?

NuvaRing works just like a regular oral contraceptive pill. When NuvaRing is placed in vagina, it releases a continuous low dose of hormones that prevents the release of eggs from the ovaries. If no egg is released, the chances of getting pregnant dim.

What are the Benefits?

A huge advantage of NuvaRing is that it remains efficacious for 3 weeks after insertion. It enhances comfort and gives a rest from the daily hustle of swallowing an oral contraceptive pill.

Who can take it?

Its safety is certified among the adult women population.

Who cannot take it?

Like all medications, there are conditions which pose as a contraindication for use of NuvaRing as a method of contraception. This include;

  • Prior history of having had a blood clot in the deep veins of the legs. In some cases a woman may have embolism. This occurs when such a clot gets transported to the lungs.
  • If you suffer from migraines.
  • If you have had a stroke or heart attack in the past.
  • Diabetes with resultant damage to blood vessels.
  • Any history of pancreatitis that was triggered by elevated lipids in blood.
  • Severe liver dysfunction.
  • Abnormalities in blood clotting.

NuvaRing should be used with caution in women with a family history of breast cancer, those who have SLE(lupus) ,in Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis among other conditions. Before being given a prescription for NuvaRing, it is safe for a woman to give the doctor adequate information so that he can decide on the risk versus benefit of taking the contraceptive.

Unfortunately, the NuvaRing ring can fall out. If it is out for less than 3 hours, it can be reinserted and still be effective. If it has been out for more than three hours, its contraceptive potential is diminished and an additional mode of contraception should be utilized.

Side effects of NuvaRing?

Common untoward effects reported with NuvaRing use include;

  • Abdominal pain with nausea and vomiting
  • Migraine headaches
  • Breast pain associated with painful menses
  • Vaginal thrush
  • Weight gain
  • Acne

How do you use it?

Initially, a lady has to be educated by her physician on how to use NuvaRing. After this, she is competent to do it herself. When to start the first ring is different for each lady. The doctor will make an appropriate decision catering for each individual.

The NuvaRing ring is inserted into the vagina. During insertion, the lady is encouraged to use the position she is most comfortable in. If properly inserted, there should be no discomfort. The ring should be left intra vaginal for 3 weeks in a row without interruption. The 3 weeks include the day of insertion.

The ring should be removed on the same day and at the same time 3 weeks down the line. This follows a one week break when the ring is not in use. The ring insertion is timed in such a way that a lady gets her menses during this break.

A new NuvaRing ring should be inserted at the end of the week’s break, preferably at the same time it was removed. The insertion should continue even if the menses are still ongoing.

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